Super Grip

SUPER GRIP CORPORATION is committed to conducting its business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. This commitment is consistent with our corporate objectives and is essential to sustainable business success. To achieve these goals, the company has established this Environmental Policy. All Super Grip associates are expected to support implementation of this Policy in accordance with their roles and responsibilities in the organization. Our environmental goals are to provide products and services that are environmentally sound throughout their lifecycles and to conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. Super Grip Corporation is committed to the following corporate environmental policy objectives:

Pollution Prevention

We will conduct our operations in a manner that minimizes pollution and conserves resources.

Continual Improvement

We will strive for continual improvement of the environmental management system by setting objectives and goals and initiating corrective actions when appropriate.


We will strive to meet all relevant local, state, and federal environmental regulations as well as customer and internal requirements.

Public Availability

Our Environmental Policy will be made available to the public through company promotional materials and the Super Grip Internet Site.

Business Integration

Super Grip's Environmental Management System will become part of Super Grip's business model and will be communicated throughout the organization, through appropriate training and promotion.