We create value by responsibly supplying the energy that fuels people’s lives.

The world needs clean, secure and affordable energy. We meet this need by harnessing our exceptional talent, world-class assets and progressive technology to find and develop oil and gas resources around the world. It’s Nexen’s way of building a profitable and responsible business.

Whether it’s using hydraulic fracturing technology to unlock an unconventional gas asset, implementing gasification technology in our oil sands operations, or drilling wells 34,000 feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico, we employ state-of-the-art techniques to maximize production while minimizing environmental impacts.Nexen discovers and develops energy resources in some of the world’s most significant basins – including the UK North Sea, offshore West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico andWestern Canada. Using innovation, we generate value from our three core businesses: conventional oil & gas, oil sands and shale gas.

In all our operations, Nexen’s talented employees are the key to making us a successful, responsible energy developer. We recognize, value and reward the contributions of high-performing individuals in achieving our objectives.

Goals, like deadlines, focus the mind and inspire creative solutions to the challenges of responsible resource development. By challenging ourselves and each other to excel, we unleash our collective talent and expertise. In the process, we often discover we can achieve much more than we had ever thought possible.

We will achieve superior long-term performance in:

  • safety & environmental stewardship
  • return on investment
  • reserves growth
  • production growth
  • people & organizational capabilities