Minerva has been a Deldo Private Label for some 20 years. Since its introduction in 1992 the brand has developed a strong reputation and good history.

During 2007 Deldo decided to enlarge and improve the program, and also offer better continuity and development. Since than we have cooperated with two producers, one in Asia and one in Europe. This has resulted in a much larger size range (see overview), both in summer and winter patterns.

Furthermore, thanks to Deldo’s internal control the Minerva brand’s (European) development is guaranteed, including the best quality and largest size range.

With more than 1 million tyres sold per year, Minerva is today a leading Private Label worldwide.

NEW by the end of 2011: Minerva Truck Tyres !!

Minerva facts:

  • Very strong size range development
  • Private Label since 1992 (guarantee for long-term development)
  • High speed stability and reduced rolling resistance
  • Good handling in dry and wet conditions