For 100 years, KLEBER has built its reputation on a rule of three : reliability, safety and proximity. Three great virtues which make this brand, known throughout Europe, one of the market leaders and the partner of the major car manufacturers, and apply to the whole KLEBER range. KLEBER tyres are fitted on all types of vehicle and guarantee drivers safety and peace of mind.

1911 Establishment of the French BF Goodrich Company's factory at Colombes, with the first tyre coming off the production line on 8th December 1911. While sitting in a boat in a flooded area of Paris, M Work, a director of the BF GOODRICH company, discovered the land on which the factory would be built. The company was officially created on 13th July 1910. The tyres developed through constant improvements and tricky fine-tuning. KLEBER’s aim has always been to get better and better.
1935 The WHITE WALL and BLACK WALL tyre in 1935. The first, renowned for its elegance, was fitted on Chambord and Versailles cars in particular. In the advertisements, it is associated with an elegant woman. The second was an all-terrain tyre. In the adverts, it is associated with a Touareg. This was the first time the dog appeared in the advertisements. The WHITE WALL tyre was associated with a greyhound and the BLACK WALL with a wolfhound.
1945 Installation in the Avenue KLEBER. At the end of the war, the company set up its head office in the Avenue Kléber in Paris. The name was changed to KLEBER-COLOMBES. This change of name was accompanied by a change of logo.
1947 The first snow tyre for vans, the "WHITE BEAR". A novelty with the name and sidewall engraving of this tyre depicting a white bear in an ice field walking towards snow-capped mountains. This tyre was particularly well-liked by dairies, and when it went out of production it caused problems, especially for "Le Petit", a cheese maker who wanted to equip the whole of his fleet with this tyre, designed initially for use in snow.
1950 Maurice Herzog on top of the world ! In Spring 1950, newspapers the world over were talking about this KLEBER employee. On 3rd June, Maurice Herzog, leading the French expedition to the Himalayas, conquered Anapurna (8078 m.) : with his colleague Lachenal, he raised the French flag, the Club Alpin pennant and the KLEBER-COLOMBES pennant.
1951 First TUBELESS tyre. KLEBER revolutionised the tyre world by bringing out the first tyre with an incorporated inner tube. The Company was very much ahead in this technology compared with other manufacturers. This tyre did not do flat when it ran over nails. It was demonstrated to the media at the Motor Show, in the presence of the President of the Republic René Coty. He was dumbfounded by the success of the nail test.
1968 The brand becomes KLEBER Following a change in the company's name (which became "Pneumatiques, Caoutchouc Manufacturé et Plastique KLEBER-COLOMBES") in 1962, the brand became simply KLEBER.
1971 The BOXER became the KLEBER mascot A lot of adjectives frequently used to describe this dog suit the KLEBER tyre down to the ground : robust, muscular, flexible, mobile, quick, active, thoroughbred, elegant, docile, easy to handle, obedient, reliable, etc.
1981 Michèle Mouton is runner-up in the world Rally championship with AUDI and KLEBER. In 1981, Michèle Mouton, driving an AUDI on KLEBER tyres, won the San Remo rally. She was the first woman to win a World Championship event. The following year, Michèle went on to win three World Championship rallies, Portugal, Greece and Brazil, taking second place in the overall Championship.
1994 First manufacturer homologated for the TWINGO. KLEBER has always enjoyed partnerships with major vehicle manufacturers. KLEBER was the first tyre manufacturer to be homologated for the launch of Renault's small town car.
2000 DYNAXER range (with directional construction) in 1999 and VIAXER range in 2000.
2002 Creation of KLEBER Assistance. KLEBER launched their free tyre assistance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout Europe. Have you had a puncture or have your tyres been damaged ? Just call KLEBER Assistance, and a professional will be there to fit your spare wheel on the spot or tow you to the nearest KLEBER dealer.
2003 PROTECTIS is launched KLEBER launched PROTECTIS, the anti-puncture option. For added safety, it protects you against the risks of puncture (If an object penetrates the tread, the part of the tyre in contact with the road, the tyre does not suffer any loss of pressure).
2004 Dynaxer HP2 range launched To give users even more safety on wet roads, KLEBER created the DYNAXER HP2, the rain tyre. Its major assets : excellent braking and handling, even in deep water and good road holding in the dry.