Hercules Tire

Located in Ontario, Canada with representation in Dubai, Barcelona, Malta and Miami, Hercules Tire International is a leading marketer of their private brand and of quality product from select major manufacturers. With customers in more than 100 countries, Hercules Tire International aims to provide unparalleled service and marketing support, ensuring that the name “Hercules” is found on reliable tires throughout the world.
Hercules Tire & Rubber Company Corporate Head Office located in Findlay, Ohio
Partnered with FdG Associates providing financial strength and stability that allow us to remain dedicated to the needs of independent tire dealers around the world.
Origins tracing back to 1950’s
Strong, long term relationships with network of dealers throughout the 5 continents
Hercules International prides itself for years as the largest private exporter in North America
More than 40 product lines in Passenger, Ultra High Performance, 4×4, Commercial Light truck, Truck, Agricultural and OTR tires; Hercules Tire provides an extremely wide range of product in their own private brands.
Hercules Tire International offers unparalleled service and products worldwide. We do not sell retail to end users. We are tire suppliers to our regional distributors worldwide.

Hercules Tire USA
The Hercules Tire story has evolved for over half a century. Beginning as a fledgling company born of the entrepreneurial spirit in the 1950s, Hercules Tire & Rubber Company has become the industry leader in marketing today’s private label tires and is driven to meet the needs of the global replacement tire market. Today more than ever, we are committed to building on our excellent reputation. With nearly 2 million square feet of warehouse space throughout the globe, our strength is evident. From our sought-after Hercules and Merit brands to tires from today’s hottest manufacturers, our scope of products and depth of sizes is unparalleled. Complimenting our global logistics and breadth of products is our second-to-none customer service. With associates in over 92 countries, Hercules Tire & Rubber is dedicated to serving today’s tire dealers. It’s this dedication that earns Hercules Tire & Rubber Company recognition as a dynamic and thriving player in the global tire industry today.

Hercules Tire Canada
Hercules Canada (Tire Specialists) operates just like TDW with a wide selection of top quality tires throughout Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. Hercules Canada recently began selling in Western Canada.

TDW (Tire Dealer’s Warehouse)
In additional to its national private brand distributor program, Hercules USA operates TDW warehouses in key markets across the states. TDW offers a supermarket of brands to allow one-stop-shopping for tire dealers.